10 Songs To Cheer You Up During Uncertain Times.

I'm not gonna coat this in gum drops. (that's coming later in the article!) We are living in a very odd time, something most of us have never experienced. Because of this, we've seen a lot of people turning to the magic of Christmas in order to find just a little bit of joy and comfort, everything from putting lights back up, Hallmark Channel hosting Christmas movie marathons, to even radio stations bring back their Christmas playlists. So I thought that for this entry we could focus of some songs that will lighten your mood and maybe get you dancing.

10: Dance

Party Rock Anthem [Christmas]

9: Cheer

Christmas Good Time - Mike Stocksdale

8: Both!

Jingle Jangle -

Rehya Stevens

7: Both!

Let Me Hear Some Christmas Music - Frankie and the Lake County Collective

6. Dance

Ugly Sweater Party - Free Daps

5. Dance

Gimme Christmas - MXPX

4. Dance

Feels Like Christmas - Panic! At The Disco

3. Dance

Om For Christmas - DC James


Carol of the bells - Family Force 5

1. Cheer

Hamildoph - Eclipse 6

Do you agree with this list? Do you know of a song that we should have included? leave it on a comment below this article on our socials!