A Gentleman's Christmas with Mr. B

Jim Burke, a singer/songwriter who hails from the United Kingdom, is known professionally as Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer. Under this alias he performs what he dubbed as "chap hop" —hip-hop delivered in a Received Pronunciation accent. Mr. B raps, and rhymes, about good manners, dressing with style and dignity, sophisticated society,pipe smoking and cricket while playing the banjolele. The character is described as having grown up in Cheam and attending Sutton Grammar School for Boys.

In 2015 Mr.B released his first, and at the time of writing this it's unfortunately his only Christmas Album.

Dubbed: Mr. B's Christmas Album

still, barely made a crease in my Sunday best when I arrive home in a stupor "Oh super" I thought "Father Christmas is a trooper" I'll leave him some port under the tree as a treat. That'll set him on his way and a carrot for Rudolph- the helper on his sleigh I placed the offering beneath the tree with a note which read: Santa, take you thee, do enjoy this small treat that I've given thee, but when I woke the fat git had taken liberty. Just one glass of sherry, I thought that was clear, and the carrot was food for the reindeer. Oh Santa,

Excerpt from the song, Oh, Santa!

Track List:

1. Emergency Christmas Album

2. All I Want For Christmas Is An Original Jawa With Vinyl Cape

3. The Saddest Christmas Advert

4. Adultery At Christmas

5. I Saw Your Father Beat A Man To Death In Tesco's

6. The Turkeys

7. Feeling A Little Bit Poorly On Christmas Morn

8. Oh, Santa!

9. Roastnuts

10. Thank You Most Kindly

Unfortunately, this album isn't available for streaming on Spotify, or Apple Music but you can stream it and buy a copy from him on Bandcamp!


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