Burn The Mistletoe - Kacie Grenon

Meet Kacie -

My name is Kacie and i create music because i want to make friends. it sounds weird, but hear me out. all of my favorite artists growing up released songs that made me feel included at times and in places where i didn’t. they made me feel comfortable with myself when i felt the most insecure. it’s my goal in life to be THAT person for someone. [Excerpt from her Spotify Bio.]

What made you decide to write Christmas songs?

I wrote “Burn the Mistletoe” because I wanted to write a Christmas song that wasn’t normal. By that I mean I didn’t want the lyrics to be all happy like “yay it’s Christmas and it’s snowing wow so pretty.” Instead, I wanted them to be sassy and edgy. And a little anti-Christmas in a way.

What was the inspiration behind “Burn the Mistletoe?

The songs that inspired me the most while writing “Burn the Mistletoe” were “Yule Shoot Your Eye Out” by Fall Out Boy and “Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass” by All Time Low. You don’t see a lot of original Christmas songs in the rock/alternative genre, and you also don’t see a lot of anti-Christmas Christmas songs (unless you’re the Grinch). We wanted our Christmas song to be different and check off those two boxes.

How did you come up with the lines

“I’d rather burn the mistletoe

Your presence’s what I’d rather roast

and a gingerbread man’s

more gentleman-like than you”

Not gonna lie, I don’t really know how I came up with that. I was just trying to be as weird and creative as possible while I was brainstorming imagery and rhymes and such. I thought “Gingerbread man” and “Gentleman-like” flowed in a cool way.

What were you hoping the listener would take from the track?

I was hoping that our audience would listen to “Burn the Mistletoe” and be like, “Oh, that’s different. An anti-Christmas Christmas rock song.”

Did you find that the writing process was different from a non holiday themed song?

The writing process for “Burn the Mistletoe” was easier than the writing process for most of our other songs because we didn’t try as hard to make the song “perfect.” I honestly just sat and brainstormed a bunch of holiday themed breakup song lyrics and put them together in a way that made sense. The band had a lot of fun with it.

When it comes to Christmas music, whether writing or listening, do you find yourself leaning towards the more somber songs?

Oh absolutely. They’re so different compared to what you would think of as your typical commercially overplayed Christmas song.

Do you have any favorite memories of Christmases past?

We always say it’s not Christmas in our house unless someone gets sick. Every year, at least someone gets either the flu, food poisoning, or whatever plague might be going around. It’s kinda like a tradition. But I’ve had some amazing Christmases. My family has spent Christmas in Aruba a few times, and we always make cinnamon rolls and see our grandparents.

Let’s talk about your career in general

Reading from your spotify bio, you wrote the line “All of my favorite artists wrote music that made me feel included” What did you mean by that?

What I mean by that is that the artists and musicians I look up to the most are the ones who write about the feelings that a lot of people, myself included, feel like they struggle with on their own. When I hear a song that puts exactly what I’m feeling (whether that’s anxiety, loss, sadness, etc.) into words, it makes me feel like I’m not alone, and like I’m included in this huge community of people who think like me.

Do you feel as an artist, that you have lived up to the goal of being in your words “THAT person”?

I’m not really sure yet… there was this one girl who told me that she had the guts to move on from a toxic relationship because of some of our songs. Lots of people have reached out about how ‘Island’ specifically has touched them, but I don’t think there will ever be a day where I’ll be like, “Oh this person really connects with my message and I did my part so good enough I guess.” I make music to get through my own personal battles, and I just continuously hope that what I write helps more than just me.

What is the story behind the track ‘Island’?

I wrote ‘Island’ about my personal experience with anxiety at the time, specifically about feeling like I was alone with it. The song itself is literally about feeling like anxiety is an island and you’re the only one stranded on it. It was actually the first song I was able to articulate something so authentic.

Who would you consider your biggest Musical Influence?

I was born in the early 2000s, which means I got to grow up with a lot of iconic artists like Paramore, Avril Lavigne, All American Rejects, Green Day, and Maroon 5 (when they still released rock music). But I’d have to say that my ALL TIME favorite and biggest inspiration as a songwriter, businesswoman, and person is the queen herself; Taylor Swift.

Are you currently working on any new music?

Yeah! I’m the frontwoman in my band GRENON and we’re releasing an EP centered around mental health this summer! The first single will be coming out in the beginning of May, so stay tuned :)

Where can people find your work?

You can listen to our debut single ‘Goodbye’ on all streaming platforms and watch the music video here: https://smarturl.it/z7ga8l

Where can fans connect with you on social media?

You can find us on

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grenontheband/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grenontheband/?ref=bookmarks

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWcVSLC-omy6MFQhde7HtGA?view_as=subscriber

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Grenontheband

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