Christmas Again - Drakeford

How did you get into music?

I (Drake) have been writing poetry and songs since I was little kid and Lucy-Jayne was actually in a girl band in the UK for a while….when we met and fell in love, we knew my folkiness and her Pop intuition had to converge and that’s where Drakeford came from!

What made you decide to write Christmas songs?

We really love the Christmas season and often play Christmas shows so the thought of having original Christmas music to sing every year is a huge motive!

Does ‘Christmas Again’ have a story behind the song?

One of our favorite things about the holidays is that nostalgic feeling of going back home and seeing friends and family. We wanted to write a song that would capture that warm feeling of walking back into your childhood home on Christmas Eve, and that’s where “Christmas Again” came from.

Did you find that the writing process was different from a non holiday themed song?

Absolutely! We found writing a Christmas song much more difficult because everyone has a favorite timeless classic….of which there are thousands! With that many songs about the same thing, it was incredibly hard to avoid cliche’s and things that have already been sung about loads. It turns out, writing a song that feels familiar and yet different is no easy task!

Were you taking influence from any bands or songs in particular?

We really wanted it to feel classy and timeless, and what better singer is there at “classy and timeless” than Frank Sinatra?? He and Michael Buble were both inspirations for sure.

You have several songs up for streaming, do you have a favorite, or one that really means a lot to you?

Lucy-Jayne’s favorite is our first single from last year called “We’ll Be Alright”. It’s a pop/folk love song that basically says “no matter how hard things get, as long as we have each other, we’re gonna be just fine”. My favorite is a song off of our 2nd album, The Venture, and the song is called “Maybe”. It talks about some topics that are very dear to me and I LOVE singing it in shows.

Are you currently working on any new music?

Yes! We don’t have any release dates for it yet, but we’re working on a very special two-part record that we are very very excited to share with the world!

Where can people find your work

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Where can fans connect with you on social media?

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