Christmas, for the kids with Sara Ernst

 Who is Sara Ernst?

Hello friends! I'm Sara Ernst and I'm a children's musician! I also happen to be a children's photographer (for nearly 19 years), a children's author/illustrator, YouTuber...and I just began my own line of greeting cards this year! I've worked with children in some way, shape, or form since I was a child myself! Children have vivid imaginations, deep curiosities, playful hearts, and they love to laugh. Even as an adult, I absolutely identify with all of those things...I suppose that's why I have so much fun working with, and for children. I'm not a naturalist by trade, but definitely one at heart. I love sharing nature with children and with mothers...that is where my music began! I was hosting a nature group for kids and their mamas, and wrote a song on my ukulele about the venomous snakes in our state, as well as what to do if they came across a bear to help them remember. They loved it...and I was immediately smitten with writing fun and useful children's songs! I couldn't stop! So I didn't. Fast forward to now with three albums released and four singles! This Christmas album has been nothing short of a joy for me to write. One particular Christmas memory of heading into the woods for a tree to bring home in December is a favorite of mine...a very Norman Rockwell kind of feeling. That feeling and memory gave birth to one my first Christmas songs!

What can listeners expect from your new Christmas album?

When families listen to this album, they can expect to feel cozy, calm, imaginative, and a little silly! They can also expect to REALLY want a cup of cocoa!

What will the song mix be like (More covers, more original?)

Every single song of mine is an original. I love writing from my imagination and for what I think a child might enjoy and gain something positive from!

What are you drawing from for inspiration on the album?

I draw from things I loved as a child. I draw from things I love now, and things that I feel are important for children today to hear, or remember.

How has this differed from creating a non holiday album?

Actually not very much for me. I write a lot about nature, science, imagination, and emotions in all of my music...I just transferred all of those things into Christmas songs!

If writing originals, how was the writing process different? 

Writing original songs for children comes very naturally for me, and it's a process that brings me an enormous amount of joy...every time, whether it's Christmas or otherwise!

How has writing for kids been different from normal songs? 

Writing for children has to come from a child-like heart...or at least from that perspective. Music can be a powerful learning tool...especially for children. When I'm writing children's music, I have a child's playfulness in mind, but also, what I feel a child might need to hear. Many of my songs teach something scientific, something of value, or far as emotions and voices go. This is very important in children's music. It's about writing for a young, developing (and curious) mind rather than an adult's perspective, which is usually already set fairly firmly. Often times, grown-ups (even parents) forget what it's like to really get out in nature and explore from a child-like perspective. They forget how to really immerse into an imaginary world like a child does. It's easy (as grown-ups) to overlook the emotions a child is experiencing...when in reality, adult emotions are just as scattered and just a big...we've simply had a longer amount of time to learn to control them. I want my music to not only speak to children, but to their grown-ups! WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: Wild Pickle Press INSTAGRAM: Wild Pickle Press YOUTUBE: Wild Pickle Press MUSIC AVAILABLE: All major music platforms