Christmas, Not Just For Kids Anymore. - Part 2 (Food)

In our previous post, we took a very broad look at the troubles of Christmas in adult-hood. The annoying questions we get asked by nosy family members or trying to celebrate it on what our broke college student budget. That post kicked off our series where we dive into songs that aren't just focused on the children's Christmas. This week we are looking at food! Because no matter what your favorite holiday dish, is from the abundance of Mac and cheese, a holiday ham and a seemingly never ending dessert table you are sure to find an abundance of it at Christmas. Or at least it's our hope that you are able to. Because like it or not...

Christmas is a nationally recognized diet cheat day;

We found some great artists singing about the love for foods at Christmas, to start

let's look at @Alycia Marie and her friends for some savory Christmas parodies.

This first one seems super obvious, I've seen it on sever 'Mis-heard lyrics' lists. But their second song caught me off guard.

On any normal day of the year, excluding Sundays you could walk into a Chick-Fil-A with a college students budget and be treated like family to a delicious chicken sandwich. Sadly they are also closed on Christmas.

But you know who does have your back, is open on Christmas and will fill your tray for just a couple bucks? Taco Bell

And Chinese Restaurants

Maybe you're being adventurous and plan to cook a, Wonderful Christmas Ham

No matter what you eat, we hope that your Christmas is a good one filled with family and loved ones. Do you have a favorite Christmas Food song that we missed? Have a topic you'd like us to cover? Message us on any of our socials @santatapes!

And if you are still hungry, our friend Glenn Warren recently started a Christmas Foods Podcast! You can find it here.