A new take on "Little Drummer Boy" -Ice Island

Who is Steven Hawley?

I own a store in the Midwest, dealing and restoring vintage furniture and home decor. I’m happiest when I’m creating and doing my own thing. I love dogs, I don’t like cats. I’m a bad cook so I spend a lot of money on pho carry out.

Brief history of your musical career

In high school I started playing in punk /hardcore bands. I got burnt out on that stuff by 21. I went on to make my living in music between recording, touring and DJing. I was the frontman/brainchild of a synth heavy indie dance group, Codebreaker. I ended up working with a lot of talented artists from Miami Horror to Juan Maclean. I took a long, 8 year hiatus from music and recently re-emerged as Ice Island. I didn’t want to come back until I had a new, unique sound with a fresh perspective.

How did the process of creating this version of Little Drummer boy differ from creating a non holiday centric song?

Hmm. For me, it was a distinctly sacred, spiritual experience wherein I felt a strong obligation to create something timelessly cool and unique. The Little Drummer Boy is such a popular, classic song that’s been done so many times..I knew I had to really bring it in a very epic, different way or else what’s the point ya know?

What gives you the holiday feels?

No one memory comes to mind but I love Christmas for it’s magical vibes, wholesome fun and bigger than life aesthetics. This world needs wholesome fun more than ever. I especially love huge Christmas trees and those old stop motion claymation specials. Bandcamp:


Instagram: Instagram.com/iceislandmusic