Illicit Ghost: Christmas Lights on the lawn

ILLICIT GHOST “Christmas Lights on the Lawn”

Photo by Grace Brown Photography

“On my journeys home from NYC for the holidays, I see the decorated houses on each side of the expressway and I’m reminded that sometimes we just need a little light to find our way,” says Illicit Ghost. “Christmas Lights on the Lawn” was inspired by those who hang Christmas lights during quarantine to encourage hope in the world. “I wrote the song to comfort those experiencing grief, especially during this tragic time,” she says. “All of 2020’s loss amplified the importance of loved ones. I want this song to remind us to celebrate those who have passed, and be grateful for the friends and family who bring joy and hope for the future.”

“I wasn’t planning on ever writing a holiday song,” says Illicit Ghost. “In fact, my manager had asked me to write one, but I declined because I honestly didn’t think I could do it - this year was so chaotic and I didn’t know how to put all of the emotions I was feeling into a song. One day I was sitting at the piano trying to write, and suddenly the words and chords came to me on a whim. I was feeling so sad about this whole year and the horrible things that occurred. I wanted to bring people some relief.” “Christmas Lights on the Lawn,” co-produced by Illicit Ghost and Elliot Jacobson (Vérité, Ingrid Michaelson) follows the release of Illicit Ghost’s single “Halftime,”

This year has been a period of recalibration for Illicit Ghost. To make up for not being able to play live, she started curating a series called “Anti-Anxiety Hour,” where she hosts virtual artist interviews every week with guests such as Shamir, Satellite Mode, ÊMIA and TRACE about music and mental health on her Instagram Live. “I have created a community around mental health, a place for people to come and share. Keeping things inside is never the answer.” The show dives into ways to manage mental health, offers tips to anyone who is struggling and at the end, Illicit Ghost offers her insight on audience questions. “I really want people to feel heard and included in a safe space.”

New York City-based Illicit Ghost has a sound like no one else, it’s dark and poetic and completely her own. As a producer, violinist and singer-songwriter, she controls every aspect of her music. Her songs are about self-love, emotional strength and the struggles of finding inner peace. She was a featured artist at BMI’s New York “Acoustic Lounge” and has led production seminars for Ableton. She also curates a playlist called “Anti-Anxiety” on Spotify and invites the artists featured on it to her weekly Instagram Live show “Anti-Anxiety Hour.” The show is a place for artists to come together in a live conversation about music and mental health.

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“…woven with skin-grafting strings and debilitating melancholy…engulfs the listener with suffocating emotion and never allows a moment of respite.” – B-Sides & Badlands

“Emotive vocals that ooze passion and every lyric that comes out of her mouth hits you like an emotional freight train with the haunting production providing the perfect back drop…refreshing to hear and hauntingly beautiful.” – A One Two Three Four

“…a perfect mix of influences…high quality production…[Illicit Ghost] takes us on a beautiful journey.” – IGGY Magazine

“This is fantastic. It’s freakish. It’s fire and brimstone.” – Music To

“…an audacious kind of talent…” – Digital High

“…pair[s] together the orchestral and the electronic perfectly with her superb vocals…” – Diamond Deposits

“…emotive, haunting and raw.” – When The Horn Blows