Isn't it Romantic? 5 underrated Christmas love songs

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When you think of 'Romantic' holidays, which comes to mind first Christmas or Valentines day? Popular culture would tell you the later, was created for romance. But if you look at the question from a more grounded perspective, you may begin to see Christmas as the right answer. Maybe its the jolly feelings we get filled with, maybe the cold nights draw us closer, or perhaps its the impending end of year that makes us want to act on the feelings we once hid. Whatever the case maybe, many people find the Christmas season as the most romantic time of the year. Even the holiday card juggernaut Hallmark cashes in on the very idea every year with 30+ movies based around the idea of an unsuspecting girl finding her future husband during a Christmas tree lighting or atl trip back home to her parents house. Christmas for better or worse is a romantic holiday

The Romantic Music of Christmas

Hallmark isn't the only one getting in on the fun, in recent years many artists have written about the romantic feelings surrounding Christmas, from 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' (1949) to recent hits such as the ever insanely popular 'All I Want For Christmas, Is You' (1994). Christmas is no stranger to songs about love, or the longing for reciprocated love. Let's take a look at some very recent, and underrated Chrismas love songs.

Five Underrated romantic Christmas songs

Cookie @JenlucyCook - The Season's Crazy Super Fan

Released in December of 2019, the song tells a fictional story about a girl who LOVES Christmas and the boy she finds, who surprisingly also loves Christmas. This Charming song will leave you wanting to find someone just like the boy in the song.

Megan Barker @MeganBarkerMusic - Maybe Christmas Can

Some times the love we seek, is from a past relationship. We get into the joyful feelings of Christmas and begin to remember the good times we had with someone, the way they did that thing that we like. We long for them to come back, we wonder if Christmas might be the thing that brings us back together.

Jillian Edwards @jillian_edward - All My Christmases

What could possibly be more romantic than a Christmas wedding? Knowing that for the rest of your life you will be celebrating love, and marriage every Christmas. This song is sung from the perspective of a girl who got married a few days after Christmas and her dreaming of spending all of her Christmases with her love/now husband.

Clark Floyd - My Mrs.Claus

Love is rarely easy, some times we have to cross paths several times before realizing what we've found. This song tells a similar story.

More Than Fiction @more.than.fiction - Under The Mistletoe

The mistletoe is a staple of Christmas, every year we dream about the perfect person to kiss under one. Sometimes we dream of who we want to be caught with, and the embarrassment of being caught with someone else.

Christmas will always be a time for love, and because of that romantic songs will always pop up around the holiday. These are just a few of my recent favorites. Id love to hear what yours are, feel free to link them in the comments bellow!