Sweaters and Lights - Josh Bennett

About The Artist:

I’m Josh Bennett, and I’ve been writing songs for over fifteen years. I love food, coffee, and laughter. I'm also a pastor, and I live in South Carolina with my wife and our dog. 

I’ve been writing music since I was 14 years old. I started recording music on a tape recorder, then switched to a small Gateway computer microphone that I used for several years. I’d record cover songs and originals and share them to my Myspace page. I’ve released a few albums over the years: a self-titled EP in 2009 and a special re-release in 2019, Songs from the Drive in 2019, Sweaters and lights in 2019, The Lost Tapes in 2020, and Heartbreak in the Breakroom (single) in 2020. 

Nothing gets me in the Holiday spirit like pumpkin pie. 

-What can listeners expect from your new Christmas album?

More Sweaters and Lights is just a continuation of last year’s Sweaters and Lights. So, in order to get an idea of what to expect you’ll have to listen to the first album! 

-What will the song mix be like (More covers, more original?)

Totally original. As much as I’ve wanted to cover some classic Christmas favorites, I really wanted to just do my own thing and put my own spin on Christmas music. 

-What are you drawing from for inspiration on the album?

I’m drawing from what I consider to be the best parts of the Christmas season: Letters to Santa, the anticipation of Christmas morning, pumpkin pie, apple cider, those kinds of things. 

-How has this differed from creating a non holiday album?

I’ve truly had more fun writing these two Christmas albums than any other project that I’ve done. There’s something about this particular kind of music that brings about extra joy. With writing Christmas music, I already know the subject matter of the songs so there’s a little bit more ease in the process. When I’ve set out to work on other projects, sometimes I’m working on a song for months at a time before I’m confident with the direction. 

-If writing originals, how was the writing process different?

Honestly, writing these two Christmas albums has been quite a fun challenge. I mentioned that I wanted to cover some of the classic favorites. When I set out to write the first Sweaters and Lights in 2019, I decided that I’d create my own classic Christmas favorites. My primary goal in releasing music is to release something that I am proud of, and that I would want to listen to. It’s been the same with these Christmas albums. I wanted to create something that was true to the season and equally fun to listen to. 

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