Nadia Vaeh and dealing with sorrow during the holidays

"That moment is why I do what I do. To help people through whatever they may be struggling with, even if its just one person in a packed venue."

Nadia Vaeh

Heyo! I am Nadia Vaeh, a singer-songwriter from Atlanta, GA now living in Los Angeles. My musical career has been a sometimes tumultuous ride but also so incredibly beautiful. How I got my starts and the guts to become an artist back in Atlanta is a pretty fun story:

I woke up one day and knew I just was not happy, I was not me. In that same day, I quit my job, I quit school and I quit my boyfriend. My spirit was to a point where a change was needed. My life as it was, was not lending to me being able to really pursue my dreams of being an artist. I was in my last day at the nice loft I shared with my boyfriend at the time, doing a final load of laundry (I was seriously downgrading my digs and moving into a very cheap crapshoot apartment) when I realized as fate would have it, I was out of detergent. So I went down to the only neighbor I had had small exchanges within my time living there and went to ask to "borrow" a cuppa soap. He was a quirky fellow, always dressed very steam-punk/circus-y...our small exchanges usually consisted of "hello, how are you" and incorporated funny accents. I peeked behind him as he agreed to help out with my soap saga and saw all these trapezes, mats, and open space. I asked him what that was all about and he explained he ran a local circus to which I confided I had always wanted to join the circus ever since I saw my first circus show at 11 years old. He asked me "well why haven't you?!" while gesturing with his arm into his space and I agreed to come to practice with them for hand to hand acro. It was at that moment I was forever changed. I worked with him on getting stronger and more flexible (at this time I don't think I had ever even done a push up) and I had my first performance experience with them for a series of Valentine's day shows. I was. also asked to sing for these and this event REALLY changed my life. In rehearsals, I met my first songwriting partner with whom I learned so many fundamentals. We wrote a lot of folk stuff. From there I went on to writing reggae/R&B style songs and then I made my way to pop. I really always loved the genre and became obsessed with writing in this playspace. Once I move to LA at the start of 2019 I really feel like my skills were really honed. Moving to Los Angeles was like one giant artist boot camp. I have grown so much since I filled up my little Toyota Corolla and made the leap. I have really been able to fine-tune my sound and grow more confident in who I am as a person and artist.

Who did you look towards for inspiration, when creating your musical voice/sound?

I look to so many amazing artists of so many different eras and genres. That is my favorite thing about pop. You can really sprinkle in so many different influences/sounds. I draw from classic rock greats like David Bowie, The Eagles, The Beatles, Queen, Elton John, Pat Benetar, Blondie, Etc. I look to Pop icons like Sia, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Billie Elish, Taylor Swift. I also really enjoy chill artists like Sublime, Bob Marley, Reel Big Fish. Seriously, I look everywhere and listen to everything!!

You mentioned that each of your songs is aligned with a purpose or a cause. Is there a story behind that decision?

I just decided every song has its own story and intention. I always do a lot of research when I am planning on releasing music and try to find an organization that best fits the message. I want my songs to help people have better days, but also help bring awareness to causes that need our attention.

What causes have you created music for some far?

Alliance of Hope, Peace Over Violence, GirlUp, and the Human Rights Campain

What other causes are you excited to release music for?

I have my eyes on a nature therapy cause called With their work they offer natural aid to those suffering from anxiety and depression through conservation projects focused on stewardship of our natural environment. Through these efforts, the participants gain new lifelong friendships leadership skills, and a lifelong respect for nature.

Have you received any great stories from a fan who related to your songs/the causes they aligned with?

Yes, after a show in Sacramento I had a small exchange with one of the show go-ers that I will carry with me forever. I sang a song I wrote about body dysmorphia and afterward this beautiful girl came up to me and said she really needed that message and that she struggled with loving her body and her self. That moment is why I do what I do. To help people through whatever they may be struggling with, even if its just one person in a packed venue. (Side note: this song is not out yet, but will be in 2021)

Looking at your song “Holidazed and Confused” What was the inspiration for this song?

Losing my mom altered holidays for my family and I forever. Losing any loved one dramatically impacts the holiday experience forever and is often looked-over amidst the traditional holiday tunes. The holidays are already a time of reflection and stillness as well as family events and celebrations. There are a lot of memories made at this time of year and family traditions that may never be the same as they once were. I think we find new ways to honor our loved ones when they are gone. One way I’ve found was through song.

How did you pick the Alliance for Hope as the cause to get behind?

The Alliance of Hope for Suicide Loss Survivors was created by survivors for survivors. As a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit, They provide online healing support and other services for people who are coping with devastating loss to suicide.

We lost my mom to suicide when I was 17 and it really shook our whole family up. I wish I had known about AFH back when we were in deep grief. They provide hope & healing support to those grieving after a suicide. We thankfully found our way out of the depths of grief through the love and support of our friends, family, and neighbors. With the support of an organization like Alliance for Hope, other families can find their way too and that is why for holiday seasons to come, I will sing their name!