Need A Little Christmas?

Right this very moment?

We are living in some very strange times, with so many people out of work, this potentially deadly virus spreading over the world. Yet somehow many people are finding comfort in the spirit of Christmas. It reminds me of why I started this blog. I've wanted to give a back story about Santa Tapes for awhile now. So lets go back to 2018, that was a very weird, very numb Christmas, we had a lot of family hardships that year, but we also had a couple weddings! In fact we spent Christmas day on an airplane flying from Louisville (SDF) to spend 3 hours and eat Christmas dinner in Las Vegas (LAS), ultimately to land in San Francisco (SFO) for my brothers wedding happening later that week an hour north. I say all this, to give you a bit of a glimpse into why Santa Tapes exists and to branch off into the incredible amount of Christmas content I found to get me through that weird season. You see from the very beginning my inspiration behind starting a Christmas blog, was inspired by some very incredible podcasts. I'll take some time to dive into each one and link you to them so you can enjoy them too! I am also going to talk about a few that have either popped up since then or I didn't find till after, Let's jump in!

These aren't in an certain order, because I couldn't possibly try to rank them! Click the Show logo to take you to the podcast!


Host: Tim Babb

Show Description: (From iTunes)

Do you listen to Christmas carols in the middle of spring? Do you have a hankering for hot coco in the scorching July heat? Is your copy of Muppet Christmas Carol queued up and ready before it's even Halloween? Then this is the podcast for you.

Comedian Tim Babb hosts this year round celebration of all the little things that make Christmas so much fun. Music, movies, TV specials, decorations, recipes, and more. Hop aboard and take a sleigh ride down memory lane.


Host: Brian Earl

Show Description: (From iTunes)

Christmas Past is a podcast that tells the stories behind your favorite holiday traditions and celebrates Christmas nostalgia

From Old Christmas stories, forgotten radio dramas, and specials Brian takes a look at everything from (as the name implies) Christmases past.


Host: Craig Kringle

Show Description: (From iTunes)

All things Holly, Jolly, and Odd-ly

In Each episode the host dives into a strange or forgotten part of the holiday. You're sure to learn something new each time.

Also the host has an extensive collection of old and very odd holiday cards, that you can see by following the shows social profiles.

Those are the shows that really inspired me and helped me through that strange Christmas. I can't speak highly enough about the shows and the hosts. Please go subscribe and listen to them.

Now let's look at some shows that I have found in the year or so after that Christmas. Also no certain order with this list.


Show Description: From iTunes

Tinsel Tunes podcast goes into great detail about Christmas music. Full of fun and interesting facts, it will get you into the Christmas Spirit. ​ ​Hear about your favorite classics or modern songs. Learn about those songs that you dislike. The stories behind these are just as interesting. ​You may also find some new favorites and get a heads up on what will be new each season.


Show Description: From iTunes

Todd celebrates the Christmas spirit all year. Join him and his guests for monthly discussions about Christmas news, entertainment, gifts, decorating, and everything else that makes Christmas special.


Hosts: Chris and Kris

Show Description: From iTunes

Based in New York City, hosts Chris and Kris explore the history and traditions of the Holidays in NYC and beyond


Show Description:

"Christmas is my happy place!" Podcasting good tidings to enjoy the holiday spirit throughout the year by covering "all things Christmas!"