Symphonic Power with Orion's Reign

Introducing Orion's Reign

We are a Symphonic Power Epic band. We have two full length official releases (signed in Record Labels) and a lot of other self-releases, mostly singles. The core of the band got together almost 15 years ago.

Who would you consider your biggest Musical Influence?

Every band member has his own favorite artists, like Rhapsody of Fire, Nightwish, Amaranthe, Sabaton, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Manowar to name just a few...

Are you currently working on any new music?

Yes, we are working on our third official full length album!

In terms of Musical taste, what songs or type of holiday songs do you find yourself listening to the most during the season?

We all like Christmas music very much, especially the folk tunes, like “We Three Kings”, “What Child is this”, carols from different countries etc.

Do you have any fun holiday memories or stories to share?

We usually have a lot of fun during the video shootings of our Christmas songs, a lot of unpredictable situations and we laugh our heart out! One of the most unforgettable moments was last year’s song, when we had Minniva coming all the way from Norway to Greece for the video! We booked a very beautiful neoclassical theater to a town and we all traveled there for the video shooting that lasted more than 10 hours! Then we all ended up to a local traditional tavern where we had plenty food and drinks and we were laughing !!!

What is Christmas to you? What makes the holiday special?

It is these days of the year that people are warmer, you visit friends, relatives, give/receive presents, the city/shops are decorated, parties are happening all over.. There is a different vibe in the atmosphere...It is for sure something special and unique during the common days of the year.

You have done some really impressive covers of classic Christmas songs, my personal favorite being your version of Carol of the Bells. What gave you the idea to take these classic songs and turn them into the heavier versions?

I really don’t remember. We did one some years ago just for fun, then another and we realized that a lot of people like this.. Every year we receive hundreds of messages telling us we are mentally and psychologically helping them, asking for us to go on….

You describe your songs as Symphonic Heavy Metal, can you explain what that means?

Sure, it is quite simple… We play heavy metal (guitars, drums, bass), having also a symphonic orchestra playing along, giving a cinematic/epic sound to our songs...

What (if any) artists are you pulling from the influence of, for these Christmas songs

We don’t have any particular artist that we follow on Christmas songs. We listen to some covers on youtube now and then, some of them are quite good!

Did you find anything about the process of creating these Christmas songs surprising? As in besides it being seasonal themed, was anything different?

I would say that the most surprising thing about the Christmas songs we do, is that despite we giving them a heavy metal sound, a lot of people that don’t listen to metal music listen to them, share and like them very much! Every year before Christmas we receive plenty of messages asking about the Christmas song.. Which is… quite surprising...

What did you enjoy most about the process?

The fact that we take a simple Christmas tune and transform it to a multilevel symphonic metal song, with choirs and guests participation like Minniva!

Where can people find your work

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Where can fans connect with you on social media?

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